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We Wait, We Understand took place as a part of I Shall Escape by Dawn (James Gregory Atkinson, Lotte Meret Effinger, Rodrigo Red Sandoval, en Sharon Van Overmeiren en Marco Buetikofer) 1.8.2018.  The piece consists of a the main “rock”, a piñata style work that is a replica of a giant rock that sits in close proximity (cardboard, paper mache, flour, mints, feathers, tape, foam, LED rope) 3 sticks for hitting inspired by narwhale tusks and giant cone shaped lollipops (foam, wood, paint, plastic), 3 pairs of glasses with opaque rubber lenses, 2 sets of headphones playing “We Wait We Understand, T-Mobile from Hell”.  The piece is a onetime happening, timed by the excruciating extended hold music featuring 3 call center employees and myself, the most important element is the people, willing to give over their eyes and their ears and release some energy for the sake of it.

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Stage 1 January 8 2018

Stage 2 January 8 2018